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Escher Art
How To Make Your Own Tessellation


M. C. Escher - A Biography
Escher's Artwork
The Math Behind It All
How To Make Your Own Tessellation
How To Make Your Own Tessellations (contd.)


Step 1
Draw a perfect square.


Step 2
Cut out a squiggly shape on the left hand side of your square.


Step 3
Attach your cut-out shape onto the side directly accross from it.


Step 4
Cut out another squiggly shape off of the top of your square.


Step 5
Now attach this piece onto the side directly below it.
Voila! You have your tessellation! Now look at your tessellation and ask yourself : "What does this look like to me?" You can fool aroung with your tessellation to make it ressemble an animal or object (But make sure that whatever you cut off, that you re-attach it or else your tessellation won't work!!) Once you have decided, you can slide, glide, reflect or rotate your original tessellation shape onto a piece of paper and trace it each time you move it! Then color in your artwork and you have an Escher Art-Style tessellation!